Lewis Capaldi Overcomes Vocal Setback with Help of Fans at Glastonbury

Worthy Farm, England (June 24, 2023) – Lewis Capaldi overcame a vocal setback during his headline set at Glastonbury Festival on Saturday, June 24, with the help of his supportive fans.

The Scottish singer-songwriter, who has been candid about his struggles with Tourette’s Syndrome, lost his voice during his performance of “Someone You Loved.” But instead of letting the setback derail his set, Capaldi embraced it as an opportunity to connect with his fans in a new way.

“I’m going to be honest, everybody,” he told the crowd. “I’m starting to lose my voice up here, but we’re going to keep going and we’re going to go until the end.”

Capaldi then asked the audience to sing along with him as loudly as they could. And they did. The massive crowd at the Worthy Farm stage filled the air with the lyrics to “Someone You Loved,” lifting Capaldi up and carrying him through the rest of his set.

It was a moment of pure magic, and it was clear that Capaldi was deeply moved by the support of his fans. “Thank you for singing for me,” he said at the end of the song. “I love you all.”

The heartwarming moment went viral on social media, with many people praising Capaldi for his courage and his willingness to share his struggles with the world. “This is what music is all about,” one Twitter user wrote. “Bringing people together and creating moments that will last a lifetime.”

Another user added, “Lewis Capaldi is an inspiration. He showed so much strength and vulnerability at Glastonbury, and it was truly beautiful to see.”

Capaldi’s Glastonbury set was a reminder that even when things are tough, there is always hope. With the support of his fans, he was able to overcome his vocal setback and deliver a performance that will be remembered for years to come.